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ttly_foul's Journal

TTLY FOUL: Best of the Worst
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Anybody , Moderated


Welcome to ttly_foul. This is a place for gifted (ahem) iconists to grade each other on their worst creations. Give us a break, you've never made an ugly icon? That's what we thought!

We're a little picky about who we let in. You may apply as many times as you like, but please wait at least one week between applications, to give yourself time to practice at being your worst. You cannot vote on others until you have been stamped in by a mod.


Please follow these rules closely. We will warn you if you break them, but only once. Or maybe twice. Or we might just ban you for applying, who knows.

1. The most important rule: do not post other people's icons. We can make fun of them behind their backs anyway, but please only claim your ugly icons as your own.

2. Absolutely grade people on their subject and style. Everyone knows there is no such thing of a good looking icon of Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins.

3. If you are rejected, please wait at least one week before applying again. Obviously you're having trouble making bad icons. We recommend practicing in MS Paint.

4. Kiss up/brown nose/whatever (you want to call it) to the mods. We know we're awesome and way better than you are and we'll definitely find subtle ways to tell you that without coming right out and saying it. (We're pretty sure you're not smart enough to notice the subtlety anyway.)
    4a. This is how ALL the elitist communities do it. Don't pretend like you don't know. We've seen you apply to the other communities.

5. Make sure that you're using lots of bitmap fonts and diagonal lines, even though they went out of style years ago. Someone please tell me what we thought were so awesome about those?

6. Do not harass the members, or I'll ban your sorry ass. Only the mods are allowed to be snarky asshats (and we WILL be, because you need to be put in your place for even applying here and thinking you're as cool as us).

7. Don't ever talk back to a mod or insult an accepted member's icons. We'll mock you back and harder. We're professionals.

8. New applicants, please do NOT reply to your graders unless you have to. We don't want to hear your excuses or backtalk. If you can't make a bad icon then that's just TOO BAD. Take your bits of shiny someplace else!


Make a post in the community with the subject: "Who effing reads all these rules anyway?" so we know you read the rules. If you don't, it's an auto-ban and we mock you publicly. Or not. Depends on how moody we are that day.


Here is an example of how to properly judge an applicant.

Our judges will rank you using the following criteria:

01. Subject (because if we like it, then it's not a bad icon)
02. Complexity (was your icon easy to screw up as badly as you did it?)
03. Color (or Colour, in case you prefer to spell it wrong).
04. Ancestry (send us a blood sample and your family tree, please).
05. Intelligence (wut?)

Subject + Complexity + Color + Ancestry + Intelligence / 5 = final score. You'll need a score of 7,342,231 points to get in. No one is going to be keeping track of the points.

Once you've been stamped in, write a 3,500 word essay on the destructive properties of children under the age of 10. Remember to cite your sources!

Stamped Members

jigglypuff (bribed way in with chocolate)
sal_the_baka (got in for properly spelling Poland)
mihakken (would abuse me if I didn't accept her)
circuitously (omg wtf blinkies X_X)
saitaina (wtf... manga sparkles?)
shankthespine_x (bribed way in with pimping)
eowynjedi (haha aspect ratio FTW \o/)


These are the only people who can give you an accepted or rejected stamp once you've been graded by the other members.
Bob Dole
The Great Hatsby
frank (he's a goat)

Please note that mods can be bribed with chocolate or large sums of pennies.

Do you has feedback for the mods? Prz to be clicking HEER.


Disclaimer: Either learn to deal and try to take our advice, or go somewhere else. Nobody cares. Especially us because the only reason we created this elite icon community was to make sure everyone else knows how cool we are. We're not really going to let you into our little club, after all. You're not one of us.

Real Disclaimer: If you made it this far then you clearly have a sense of humor (or you're looking for an e-mail address to flame us because you thought we were being serious). This community was made with the intention of mocking elite communities and sharing with everyone your worst icons. None of us started out as fantastic icon makers, and we all still have bad days. So come and post your worst icons, let's scare each other with what we actually believe were nice icons when we first made them. Let us not forget where we came from. Show us your worst. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at us. Laugh with us. This community shouldn't be taken seriously. At all. Feel free to post as many times as you like (and you don't have to use the application - unless you want to). XD


worst_icontest // BEST ICONTEST EVAR LYK OMG!!!!

If you want to affiliate with us, pokepoke us somewhere! No, not there, you perv. D:


Remember, promoting us wins you suck-up points.

xenylamine refuses to take credit for these nauseating banners!

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